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hollister uk jobs london But when we have a healthy , want to have it all, the beauty and abundance , a dream come true lust , longing all the best . But one day we lose health , just think what is not important , only to have a healthy is the most important .


Hear this sentence: a metal car but also regular maintenance , but we do not know how to take good care of our bodies. I was not feeling myself bring trouble, always careless , not seriously, never produced a good maintenance idea , but this phrase suddenly makes me want to act , and we have to understand this truth, but just has not been put into action . Moment , I feel I must give some time for health , energy and financial resources. Only healthy, we can do what you want to do, to comfort ,hollister uk jobs london pleasure and happiness in life , in order not to cause too much trouble to others .

Healthy and happy to be able to walk .

Due to the word, I do not want to own a comfortable total body care about, give some effort , spend a little time , will harvest more comfortable and happy. So I went into a foot massage center.

Thus , understanding the king master , he is a blind man .

He rubbed his hands , in order to be close to my neck when bare skin , so I did not feel too cold, even so, his hand is still very cold and rough. Because, just stop the warm air , the room is very cold . I thought he had weak eyesight , at least be able to see shadows .

But he was completely in the dark.

Maybe lonely, he took the initiative and I chatted about his business, maybe he needs to talk, he'll get in the dark a little comfort. His fingers pressed local pain, I really do not mind chatting with him, out of courtesy , I reluctantly responded occasional simple sentence .

Share his suffering, my heart would have some tingling, but he spit at a faster gradually calm. How much he needs comfort.

Tough life, everywhere. Some very ordinary life of ordinary people in the hidden hardships without being seen . He underwent several surgeries later, completely blind. He repentant , not the doctor say first secondary so serious , hopeless and terrible, he would not give up hope , give up surgery. By the time once again met a good doctor in charge , but missed the best timing of surgery, although to do the surgery , but not the desired effect . Suddenly thought : the doctor's three magic weapons : Language hollister uk jobs london, drugs, scalpel. Sentence can be deadly and despair. He is a doctor blindly protect themselves, the words too seriously , so much so that he saw no hope and give up the only remaining trace of hope . He has not come out from the blind anguish , has been loving wife , unable to accept the fact , will wash the clothes neatly on the closet , quietly away from him , leaving him and eleven -year-old son. He said: the pursuit of happiness is the right of every person who is willing to abandon a blind Bitterness life. They did not divorce , but she did from a trace. His family have two long-term sick elderly, children, and blind him. Like everything in front of the dark as he lost color , lost the light, lost vitality, lost support. But he , even he would have struggled for them and alive.

He said : There is a small old , I have to work hard , even for them alive. Kept my day customer service , day and night in the dark , is a little idle , passing woman, opened flowers, winged swallows , green lawn , but I can not see anything . Sometimes flaming heart anxious also resentment, this woman is not true , says throwing on throwing , stay away . Good to have brothers and sisters , to me, regardless of the parents are sick or old had struggled to patronize me, if one day , they can not move or sick ...... I had known this , do not get married, do not children, I am a person how kind are easy to handle .

想出去走走have led others , did not want to trouble others , went out , and can not see anything , so keep our noses .

Long silence , I remembered Hyland ? Keller , I want to hollister uk jobs londonenlighten him , but do not know how to begin .

"I have only one thing every day from morning to night , is constantly giving massages , endless . Alive, only alive ."

" You must have seen , that colorful , beautiful world know that some people are blind from birth , it is in the midst of darkness, colorful for them , what kind of color, text for them is what they rely on their imagination . "

" I do not know a better light , because from now on will not see the pain and so now , more than a good society , more than a good life , but I live in the dark ."

I am completely speechless.

Before leaving, I said dismissively : want to open more, you will be more happier .

People alive , really difficult , especially living in the pain of torture . Sometimes , whether you do not accept the deregulation Cheng , suffering pressure on the body , you have to carry . Who can not help . Compassion can not help , can not help the tears , anger not help , only you be strong in the face of all the pain of torture, torment through wind and rain the day .

Boundless, there are too many hardships , helplessness, frustration. In this world , how small everyone ......


Yesterday, in the west of the gray sky , the sun beam convergence , only a shiny disc can look into the eyes flashing light.

Golden sun rays , but no penetration, you can only see it bright bright , although gray background, it 's not a good crystal highlights , but the light is the light, not the usual brightness can Pi beauty.

Master Wang work particularly seriously , so go to the hollister uk jobs londonmassage center and ran a lot of people are going for him . Because he is a professional masseur , formal learned , techniques, efforts are very professional . Had worked five years in a hospital , because wages are too low , so resign after this massage center hired . He dedicated one-hour massage , physical problems at the customer always stays a while, often more than massage time . After several massage every time he can go out exactly who is listening , warmly greeting : Lanjie came.

Getting familiar with it , he can communicate with me more . I work with his massage is the same category , there are many worthwhile to discuss the issue . I have a deeper understanding of his passion towards work and seriousness .

Once, he sighed loudly. After leisurely tells me his concerns . Abnormal fear he said to me : his son had been living with his mother , the mother pampered with a basket case like. Strange and brutal temper , especially picky eating , do not talk with people, paranoid, stubborn , do nothing ...... a child care to a basket case , Hailiaohaizi life. Grandparents day old, sick, can not move, only the father is blind, living in the country?

He said: nobody more children , life skills , the stronger grew themselves. The more kids holding in her hand the more unpromising , no ability , and temper weird.

I said: Chinese parents love and not love , is love 's fault.

World because of love and beauty, but also because of the love and dreary world , how much love , warmth in the realization of love and happiness .

Unfortunately, many people get old , repine , blame yourself, do not educate a filial child . The problem is many children in education, due to family hollister uk jobs london misfortune, because of lack of love for children education , arranged for the children too much , too hard on the kids bundle , pampered spoiled child , the child does not let go. Do not let this worry , that does not let attempts , resulting in little kids' ideas whenever and hands , and were thwarted parents . Over time, our children become parents control of the machine, lost the ability to think for themselves the question, lost the ability to hands-on , and then doing nothing , nothing troublesome. A little goes wrong , then furious. In particular, the closest person to own , extremely rude and unreasonable . Parents, grandparents and excessive tolerance , fueling their inertia and temper.

How can I persuade him , he can not afford to bring , they can not change the parents' thinking and education , only chilling and worried. I can only say that some of the simple truth with him, looked so pale and weak .

China has an old saying : Give a well-intentioned , but hollister uk jobs london do not give him a good face. There is a grain of truth.

There are some things to do to make the children themselves , is the ability to excel in the process of doing things , and labor of love , but also nurtured in the process of labor .

Do not develop some clothing to hand out rice is not the lords of mouth . Let the child make an industrious man .

Sorrow sorrow , not hand can give him warmth and comfort .


In the process of communication , with whom I spoke Hyland ? Keller , the singer told the sun . No matter how many of these sermons give him encouragement , inspiration , or strong, but I wanted to use their meager forces , to give him some help. As long as the spirit of the people does not collapse , as long as the belief is still, they do not give up in responsibilities , he will be able to stand up , we can be strong . Through counseling, heart light and spacious , and the eyes are not just darkness . Relying on his serious attitude towards work , parents , the child's share to tie him down , he is strong .

Give roses , hand left lingering fragrance . Around us often encounter some people who need help , as long as we pay so little to a little , for they are warm.

Great country, this kind of disaster ever , Wenchuan, Yushu , Ya'an , have hollister uk jobs london experienced moving mountains shake , waves , in dire straits , immersed in deep grief and loved ones , all Zhicheng , one mind, heart people in disaster areas . We extend a warm hand , though not visit the scene to rescue, when at least modest energy goes .

Master Wang every day with a very old radio to listen to news , concerns Ya'an disaster and relief work , I heard that our unit donations , and he wanted me to have a little money for his loss .

He said: the sums are a little something , a warmth. hollister uk jobs london Many hands make light .

To Ya'an pray ! Pray for the pain of life , people pray for the waist down .

Everyone contributes a little love, this world is full of love.